Cycling Tours Jamaica, LLC is a concierge Cycling Tour Company. We design unique cycling tour itineraries for the travelers that like to combine spectacular places, cultural interaction, and physical activities while on vacation. Our routes explore fascinating off-the-beaten-path places filled with colors, rhythms, and the unique heritage of the Caribbean. You’ll experience the true One Love and every Ting IRIE from the people. Located in beautiful Montego Bay, Jamaica, we are licensed by the Government of Jamaica and the Jamaica Tourism Board. Our guided vacation tours are available throughout the year, for companies, individuals, and groups, traveling to Jamaica. All tour routes are alongside the North Coastline of Jamaica: Montego Bay, Ocho Rios, Negril.


Cycling Tour Package Includes:

5-days, 4-nights, 3-cycling days of majestic ocean views, eco-bike friendly private accommodations nestled in Jamaica’s most tranquil parts of the island.

Tour routes are along the north coast of Jamaica. Accommodations located in Montego Bay, Ocho Rios, and Port Antonio.

Ride approximately 30-40 miles every morning along the North Coast Highway from Ocho Rios to Port Antonio. Routes will take us into the hills and mountains of Jamaica where you’ll “put the power to the legs” but don’t worry our exceptional tour guides will be with you along the way lending a push if needed.  We’ll stop in parish towns to sample the fresh fruits, sugar cane and coconut water directly from the coconut.  Experience Jamaica as we travel to your next accommodations in time for lunch, rest and relaxation.




Cycling Tours Jamaica is an active recreational sport, it also involves risks. Some of these risks include but are not limited to: traveling on or crossing heavily traveled roads, winding roads, steep descents, potholes, accidents, unexpected moves of another rider, physical exertion, fatigue, flat tires, and motorists. Ride terrain, pace, and distance may vary from the written or verbal description. There will not be any bike trails on the routes. Participants should have some knowledge of cycling (i.e. gear shifting, cycling signals just to name a few) or be experienced cyclists who are comfortable riding 4-5 hours a day (25-40 miles) on a variety of surfaces including paved and city streets with vehicle traffic, country back roads and dirt trails. The terrain is relatively flat; however, we will encounter rolling hills and steeper hills in some places. We cycle directly to/from accommodations each day; all guest luggage is transported by our support vehicle, which has room for cyclist and a bike if you wish to take a break from riding.