“It’s Like Riding a Bike…”

Chicken Elite Cyclist

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ET had it right…traveling in the air on a bike. And, why not take your favorite mode of transportation with you when vacationing? Traveling on a plane with a bike is as easy as riding a bike!

More and more vacation hot spots are becoming bike-friendly and there are many benefits to taking your bike on vacation.

My first experience traveling internationally with my bike was a lot easier than I expected. I thought it would be impossible and frustrating; however, to my surprise, it was quite easy. The airlines were very accommodating and my vacation turned out to be one of the best vacations I had in a long time. I owe it to the freedom of having my best mode of transportation with me.

So, you’re probably saying, “why not rent a bike when you get to your destination?” Yes, I could but my bike and I have a very close relationship. Also in the past when I rented bikes, they just weren’t what I was comfortable with. Some bikes were old, rusted, or just in okay condition. I felt more relaxed knowing the bike that I was riding was in good condition.

Everything looks different from the saddle of a bike. Without knowing and feeling it, I could continue my fitness regimen especially after blowing my diet on all the new and delicious foods that always seem better when you’re on vacation. And lastly, having your bike is great for the environment.

So how can you enjoy your vacation with your bike?

First, do your homework. Make calls to your airline and the destination. Ask all the questions you need no matter how silly you may think it seems. Most importantly, inquire about bike safety at your destination.

Pack your bike. This can seem daunting; however, either your local bike shop or bike club can assist you with packing your bike. You can choose either purchase a cardboard box, invest in a bike box, or rent a bike box from your local bike club. In my case, I rented a bike box from my bike club for a small fee. It’s very easy. Once you arrive, you can get the local bike shop to set up and repack your bike or you can learn how to unpack and repack your bike.

Use social media to chart your trip. Social media is a great tool to use prior to your travel to learn about bike trails, local bike clubs, meetups group, and bike events while traveling to your destination. Inquire about local bike shops and use social media to identify places of interest that are bike friendly. Most importantly, enjoy your ride!


~Kingston Chin