For the competitive cyclist always looking to improve your cycling skills, a Super Master Cyclist, certified coach will take you in the hills and mountains where the real work begins. You will experience, challenging roadways, learn gear shifting, climb mountains and hills while getting professional advice on ways to improve your speed, endurance and how to “put the power to your legs!”  After this tour, you will impress yourself & others on your next ride!

Coaching Includes:

  • A 3-hour personal training session with a certified coach
  • Pick up times: 7 AM | Available Sunday – Saturday
  • One day advanced booking required


Call: 202 375 4148






Cycling Tours is an active recreational sport, it also involves risks. Some of these risks include but are not limited to: traveling on or crossing heavily traveled roads, winding roads, steep descents, potholes, accidents, unexpected moves of another rider, physical exertion, fatigue, flat tires, and motorists. Ride terrain, pace, and distance may vary from the written or verbal description. There will not be any bike trails on the routes.

Participants should have some knowledge of cycling (i.e. gear shifting, cycling signals just to name a few) or be experienced cyclists who are comfortable riding 4-5 hours a day (25-40 miles) on a variety of surfaces including paved and city streets with vehicle traffic, country back roads and dirt trails. The terrain is relatively flat; however, we will encounter rolling hills and steeper hills in some places. We cycle directly to/from accommodations each day; all guest luggage is transported by our support vehicle, which has room for cyclist and a bike if you wish to take a break from riding.


  • My husband and I went on a tour with Super Fowl this past March. It was the most amazing excursion that I have travelled on yet. It was extremely challenging but the support of the hosts (Fowly and Deborah) made the experience memorable. Fowly, (group leader), Deborah (tour director), were the key to the success of this journey. Their organization and focus on safety ensured that this trip was not only enjoyable but achievable.
    Their team driver (Beddie), photographer (Ranger) support cyclist (Cleavy) ensured that safety was the priority of the trip. We experienced the real culture of the Jamaican community, met members of the Jamaican cycling team, ate Jamaican cuisine and had many laughs and the feeling of a family community. Highly recommend but you need to be in good physical condition to complete the journey.

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